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Kompos l Alat Mesin Olah Sampah l Pupuk Organik l Tempat Sampah - www.kencanaonline.com
Kompos l Alat Mesin Olah Sampah l Pupuk Organik l Tempat Sampah - www.kencanaonline.com
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Kompos l Alat Mesin Olah Sampah l Pupuk Organik l Tempat Sampah - www.kencanaonline.com


Viewed from the experience of recent years, Indonesia is often experienced shortages of fertilizer ( urea) , a complete Gramalet® fertilizer tablets solves the problem by providing a guarantee to always provide all the elements in each tablet. With technology and the production of Gramalet® fertilizer formulations , equivalent doses of the plant in general only 35% compared to the single fertilizer mixture ( Urea, SP and KCL) as recommended.

Thus the presence Gramalet® fertilizers are expected to assist in solving the problem of the possible unbalance supply ( supply) and demand ( demand) single fertilizer will be the future. Concerns the lack of supply could be a result of raw material problems of gas for fertilizer factory ( Urea) , dependence on fertilizer imports and hamper the expansion of plant capacity in state-owned Indonesian fertilizer ( urea) . Gramalet® fertilizer use by small-scale farmers, planters and various government projects - which had expanded in the last 10 years ( since the product launched in 1994) has added to the belief in fertilizer formulations handalnya Gramalet® and are expected to participate bring substantial benefits to the interests of farmers, planters and businessmen as well as agriculture in general.

Report of the cocoa planters and nuts ( in Sulawesi and East Nusa Tenggara) , palm oil ( in North Sumatra, Aceh, Riau, Lampung and West Sumatra) , rubber planters ( South Kalimantan and South Sumatera) and reports of rice farmers and horticulture ( vegetables and fruits) in Java western-most states have given Gramalet fertilizer to their convenience. Fertilizer Gramalet practical application, reduce storage and transport costs but, on the other hand, Gramalet® fertilizer while maintaining productivity and quality results are satisfactory. User perception of practical and easy to fertilizing with manure Gramalet® , making our motto " Fertilizing Plants So Easy " proved to be true.

Recognizing that in the future, chemical fertilizer ( an-organic) - a non-renewable natural materials ( unrenewable) to the less availability, and, on the other hand, there is the health awareness of the importance of natural food ( organic) - since 2004, CVSK develop fertilizer technology sources of biological and organic fertilizer granules, the size of the organic form of granules ( 2 - 4 mm) , the following processing equipment manufacturing waste into organic fertilizer compost ( composter manual, electric composter, fertilizer and machinery Granulator Rotary Kiln various capacities) .

In the category of material of organic fertilizer ( compost) , has managed to engineer the CVSK and isolate microbes consortium garbage ( probiotics) and various minerals for the continuity of modern composting, hygiene and fast. This is microbial compost activators Green Phoskko® and minerals are substances Bulking Agent Green Phoskko® . For the continuity of the decomposition effectively and efficiently, also developed machine tools ( composter) Bioposkko® household scale, and environmental scale composter ( Rotary Kiln) for commercial business. Compost is very beneficial for hobies parks and gardens manager in making compost by using raw materials derived from domestic waste or, for entrepreneurs to get business - which produces faster than manage waste in housing, factories, markets or apartment environment. In fact, for the cities that have problems with landfill and waste management such as Bandung, Jakarta, Bogor and other metropolitan cities-composter Biophoskko® will help reduce the waste completely from the source or location of the waste producer ( families or households, restaurants, malls , market, factory canteen, vegetable markets and hotels) . For large scale, is also available Klin Rotary machine tool with the ability to process 1 m3 of waste ( 1 / 3 Ton) to 6 m3 ( 2 Ton) / engine units.

Distribution of various products including fertilizer formulations CVSK Gramalet® , specific fertilizer plants ( Gramafix® ) , organic fertilizer granules ( Green Phoskko® ) and waste processing equipment ( Biophosko® compost bin and Biophosko® Rotary Kiln) , today, has expanded to almost all provinces in Indonesia. Especially with the success of development ( development) website for online sales service ( www.kencanaonline.com) , the product of PT CVSK expanding market segment to Malaysia, Myanmar ( ASEAN) , Australia and New Zealand.

Hopefully with the presence of PT. CV Sinar Kencana ( CVSK) in developing fertilizer and fertilization technology - which, so the use of agricultural resources more effectively and efficiently, Indonesian agribusiness to compete amid increasingly competitive world of the future are more stringent.

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